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Stage on Screen bridges the gap between drama and film

Pupils hoping for top marks when tackling drama questions at GCSE or A level are at a huge advantage if they can see that drama staged. And if that staging is professional then so much the better. But it is not always possible for schools to get to such productions.

Now, however, Stage on Screen gives teachers and young people access to performances of classical set plays on DVD and soon for download via YouTube.

"Stage on Screen starts with fully fledged theatre productions, which are filmed during the run," founder Phil Rees explains. "Two versions are created: an unedited wide shot showing the entire production from a single vantage point and an edited 'filmic' version, created by editing footage from five cameras." >>


Video Librarian reviews The Duchess of Malfi Education Pack

Called "the best single all-around source of video information available" (USA Public Libraries Association), Video Librarian has been the review publication of choice among librarians for over 20 years. Here is their review of The Duchess of Malfi Education Pack from Stage on Screen:

John Webster's 1612 tragedy is one of the few regularly performed Jacobean dramas not written by Shakespeare. The play itself is a 17th-century horror show, with strangling, infanticide, stabbing, and poisoning among the means of murder employed in the tale of a noble heiress destroyed, along with some of her children, by her brothers, one an unscrupulous fortune hunter and the other a lascivious churchman, because she rashly married her steward. >>


Teaching Drama magazine

Stage on Screen receives a warm review from Teaching Drama magazine for the new Green Room area.

Teaching Drama Review (PDF 1.21MB)

 ... >>


“Stage on Screen is what you need for your classroom” ... “a gem of a resource”

Stage on Screen receives an enthusiastic review from ISTA, the International Schools Theatre Association.

In the review of our Doctor Faustus DVD, Fenella Kelly, a staff member and former trustee of ISTA, provides both an overview of the play and the extras DVD, and... >>

“I was very impressed. These will meet a pressing need for teachers of these plays at school, college and university levels. The performances are enjoyable and thought-provoking: accessible and reliable, whilst encouraging debate about the relationship between performance and interpretation. I shall certainly use the DVDs when I teach these plays.”
Dr. Richard Chamberlain, Lecturer in English, University of Northampton
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