Shakespeare Bulletin Review

In theatre, timing is everything and Stage on Screen's recent productions have it down to a T. Not only are a few of the neglected gems of the early modern period brought to life, Stage on Screen have also made a valuable contribution to the current widening of theatrical transmission beyond the stage. Whilst the National Theatre Live broadcasts its stage productions internationally using advanced special effects and camera angles to translate live ephemeral performances into cinema, Stage on Screen's understated use of technology captures and enhances the work of the Greenwich Theatre performances and preserves them for repeated viewing. Combined with a website that provides information on the historical and critical background of the plays, as well as cast, crew, costume and set designs, along with an interactive forum for further discussion, these DVDs provide a variety of exciting new teaching resources. >>


All Education and Library DVDs now only £29.99

Stage on Screen are pleased to announce that from the 8th April we will be offering the Education and Library packs for sale at a new price of just £29.99 each plus VAT.


The  DVD Education and library Packs contain not only the full DVD of the play, with optional subtitles, but also an Extras DVD with interviews with all the key artists and a Mastershot DVD which allows the viewer to see all the lighting and scene changes, as well as entrances and exits of the actors. >>


Volpone Play Reviews

'The two leads have the makings of a delicious double act, Bremmer snuffling with mirth into his ginger furs as Hadfield makes boobies of the avaricious hypocrites with easy wit.' THE TIMES

'Richly engaging...especially Mark Hadfield, whose energetically lugubrious turn is the show's greatest pleasure.' TIME OUT >>

“Atmospheric…diabolically convincing…flashes of fiery poetry…directed with laudable clarity by Elizabeth Freestone.”
Time Out
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